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Welcome!  We are so glad to be a part of the next step in your path.

You bring to Bend your desire to:

  • know truly
  • breathe deeply
  • sing loudly
  • dance boldly
  • explore bravely
  • become a fearless warrior for love and peace 

Bend offers you, for mind and spirit:

  • stress reduction
  • strengthening
  • flexibility
  • toning 
  • creation of a true mind-body connection 

Through yoga, we can work as a community to examine life's difficult questions and to celebrate life's wonderful opportunities.  Together, we can build greater health by creating a clear, strong relationship between mind and body. 

Let us journey with you toward greater connection and awareness.   

Bend Yoga and Wellness is a center for the great community of people who are interested in examining life’s difficult questions. People who aren’t afraid to have a little fun, laugh at life’s absurdities, and constantly reinvent themselves.  People who like to keep it real. Fearless warriors of love, kind-hearted gentle giants, truth seekers, people without reason.  People who fall for lustful uncertainty and who want to delve into the depths of existence. 

Come ignite your internal fire and light up the world with your powerful spirit!  Take time to roll up your sleeves and do the inner work you long to do.  Get in the trenches with us.  You’re oozing with awareness. 

Every day. Every class.  Every breath, action, reaction. You’re getting “it”, whatever “it” is.  And we want to journey with you.

Everything is always in the right order. Welcome to your path.